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mila pavan photography

Olga Tokarczuk

Olga Tokarczuk / Polish writer, Nobel Prize 2018

Victoria Amelina

Victoria Amelina / Ukrainian writer

Serhiy Zhadan / Ukrainian writer

Buchenwald, Germany

Andrej Krasnjaschtschich / Ukrainian writer

Karl Schlögel / German historian

Heike Geißler / German writer 

Noemi Schneider / German writer 

Yuri Andrukhovych / Ukrainian writer

Eine Brücke aus Papier // A Paper Bridge
is an intensive literary and cultural exchange between Ukrainian and German authors.

Verena Nolte

/ Artistic director Kulturallmende

Oksana Zabužko

/ Ukrainian writer

Halyna Petrosanyak

/ Ukrainian writer

Andrej Kurkov

/ Ukrainian writer

Vladimir Rafeenko / Jurko Prochasko

Ukrainian writer / Ukrainian poet

Der Milchkrug / a book about the memories of Paula Morandell.  
The story of a woman and her family in the second worldwar in Sudtirol written by Verena Nolte 

Book project / Ministry of Agriculture LFL Bayern

Annual Report / Ministry of Agriculture LFL Bayern 

Book project / Above Zero a journey to Russia 

A book about life in Russia, focusing on the situation of the elderly, a project to support the NGO Altenhilfe Moskau e.V.

Ukraine / a documentary project for the NGO Aktion Tschernobyl and the Red Cross 

Burma Land / A journey to Myanmar


Annual Report / Order of Friars Capuchin

impressions of other works

die Singphoniker

/ singers

die Windsbacher

/ Chor 

about / Mila Pavan, born in Venice in 1977, studied photography at International Center of Photography in New York. She worked at the International Center for communication research Fabrica in Treviso. Publications include newspapers and magazines such as Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ, BR, Le Monde and Colors, and books like “Above Zero” a journey to Russia, winner of the Red Dot Award in 2003. Her private work is focused on social and human rights stories, she worked for NGO’s in Russia for “Altenhilfe Moskau e.V”, in Ukraine for “Aktion Tchernobyl and the Red Cross” and in Cambodia for “Goutte d’eau”. Recent projects includes the book “Der Michkrug”, the story of Paula Morandell published in 2020 by Folio. She is currently based in Munich where she works as freelance photographer and is represented by the photo agency Agentur-Focus.

contact / / mobile +49 177 4435249 / +39 3467395652